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Trees of Life: Introduction to Jewish Mysticism

Encounter holiness and the sacred through the eyes of our ancient mystics. We will explore the world of kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism)  through four different “trees”

1. Intro/ Kabbalah 101 / The 10 Sefirot;

2.Dugmaot: Learning from Biblical Personalities.

3. Journeys: Different ways to find our path &

4. Beginnings: The Creation Story from a Mystical POV. 

This class can also be expanded to eight sessions. 

Back to Where You Once Belonged: Rediscovering an Ancient Vision of Powerful Prayer

A lively exploration of Nehemiah Chapter 8 and its vision of a new way to connect with the holy in our lives. Our text was created a time of deep transition, where the old ways of connecting to God, thru cultic worship, no longer worked. It had one goal: to claim a tradition that did not yet exist. Together our study of the text can open us to new ways of connecting, praying and living in faith.