Teaching Institute

By The Rivers coordinates a diverse series of classes lead by master teachers. These offerings can come to your school, church, mosque, synagogue, community center or home. Or, we can arrange for them to to be taught at our space on Highland in St. Paul. Choose from elections below and contact us about scheduling. 


Mitch DeJong

Mitch DeJong is the CTO for Design Ready Controls. His teaching focuses on Conflict Management, Multi Perspective Design, Large Group Negotiations, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Collaborative Design or Public Involvement.

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Pam Hulstrand

Pam has a heart and a passion to build strong marriages and to release people in their areas of giftedness. She loves training, equipping, counseling and encouraging. She has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years and is founder of  On Bended Knee Ministries. Pam also has a passion for adoption education and support and works as the Outreach Coordinator for the non-profit, Bellis.

Rev. Ron Moor

Ron Moor has been a student of The Mysteries for over 40 years. He is a teacher, interfaith minister and hands-on energy healer. Ron has taught classes and workshops across the country, working with thousands of students and clients as well as ministering to three different congregations in California and Minnesota. He currently serves as Lead Minister at Spirit United Community, an interfaith center that is a leader in the exploration of the emerging spirituality. A Vietnam vet and father of two grown sons, Ron has dedicated his life to co-creating the beloved community.


Dr. Rev. John Marboe

John Marboe holds advanced degrees in mythological studies and theology but regards himself as a lifelong student of mythological and biblical reflection. Explore Cage-Free Christianity, and The Myth of You. 


Rabbi Alan Shavit-Lonstein

Rabbi Alan Shavit-Lonstein is the founding Director of By The Rivers. Join him to learn Jewish Mysticism and to explore powerful prayer by looking at Nehemiah Chapter Eight.


Rev. Marboe & Rabbi Shavit-Lonstein

Together they offer two classes deeply exploring Biblical texts and discovering their applicability to our deepest human needs. Click below for info on: Breaking Bad: A Jewish and Christian Wrestling with Dysfunction, Suffering, and the Question of Sin in the Bible, and Cunning Wisdom: Hebrew Midwives & Other Examples of the Trickster Spirt.