009 Rev John Bellaimey, Breck Schools

Rev John Bellaimey, Upper school chaplain and head of religion department, and at the Breck Schools in Minneapolis, joins us in a podcast recorded a few months ago.

I asked John here because of his work with High School students as a teacher and a councilor. In todays world, where  on one hand, we celebrate differences and diversity, and on another, we feel more siloed  into our own religions traditions, I chat with John about the importance of learning about other’s traditions and faiths as teens, and even before. John and I are going to look at Why its better not to wait: Learning about other religions in High School.


Some links mentioned in the podcast:

TED ED talk: The five major world religions  <ed.ted.com/lessons/the-five-major-world-religions-john-bellaimey>

Book The Tree Of World Religions <www.treeofworldreligions.com/about>

Blog <treesandriversblog.wordpress.com >


Our Guests’ inspirational text:

St. Francis of Assisi <en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_of_Assisi>



Email John at johnbellaimey@breckschool.org



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