005 John Merkle and Hans Gustafson from The Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning

John and Hans join us to discuss the current state of interfaith relations and the work of The Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning.  We discuss the importance of relationships before dialogue, the reflexive association of violence and religion, and the work of the center to empower the next generation of leaders. We note some cultural changes on University campuses which leads us to propose a new bumpersticker: “Interfaith dialogue: you are already doing it.”


Some links mentioned in the podcast:

The Jay Phillips Center <stthomas.edu/jpc/>

The Big Sort <commongoodbooks.com/book/9780618689354>

The Pluralism Project <pluralism.org>

Where is My Islam? from CNN <cnn.it/1Uf3hbK>


Our Guests’ inspirational text:

Vatican II < n.pr/1rcX58w >

No Religion is an Island <commongoodbooks.com/book/9781606083413>

Taoism and Wu Wei < en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_wei >



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