002 Vic Rosenthal

Vic Rosenthal, Director of Jewish Community Action, joins us for an interview on social change and interfaith communities. We touch on the power of conversations to inspire individuals and change policies; we learn about how Vic uses Jewish tradition to inspire him to work for universal values, and we see how these values helped many to work for the MN Marriage Amendment.  You can reach Vic via email <vic@jewishcommunityaction.org > or Twitter <@friday_vic>.

Some links mentioned in the podcast:
Jewish Community Action (JCA) <jewishcommunityaction.org/home>

JCA Values Statement <jewishcommunityaction.org/about/core-values>

Bush Leadership Fellowship <www.bushfoundation.org/fellowships/bush-fellowship-program>

Our Guest's inspirational text:
Perki Avot 2:16 <bit.ly/28YkS8r>

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