Conversation. Space.

The recent U.S. election results has lead to strong emotions, and a sense of a nation divided. Some are happy, some are elated, some are concerned and some are fearful. As individuals we need to be able truly hear and understand those with whom we disagree. As a nation, we need to have share these individual conversations widely. 

By The Rivers is launching a conversation series to bring all views together for respectful dialogue, called "Conversation. Space.” 

It begins with one-to-one dialogue with two people who have different reactions to the election. We will be hosting many such dialogues, and then sharing them as podcasts.  

We are seeking people from all points of the political spectrum who are able to articulate their view and listen openly to another. 

Our goal is to understand, not convince, the other person. 

If you are interested in being part of these dialogues, please contact for details.

“Super fun and interesting! It was nice because the conversation was only structured for part of the time, so I feel like I got to know her project and the other people in the group a bit more intimately. The conversation was free flowing and I like being engaged through spoken word, but also an activity!”

— Participant in I AM WATER

What We Do

  • Teach classes on religious and spiritual aspects that affect us all. Our teachers are clergy and scholars from many disciplines
  • Officiate and celebrate with life cycle events in a wide variety of traditions
    • Perform weddings for all, including but not limited to, interfaith and LGBTQ.
    • Assist you in marking milestones, such as baby welcoming ceremonies, anniversaries, blessing of new homes.
    • Support you at times of loss with funerals and mourning rituals
    • Lead premarital and spiritual counseling
  • Provide a regular interview podcast, exploring the people and events focusing on interfaith work in the Twin Cites. 
  • Organize for community service and social justice work, putting the shared values of our religious traditions into concrete action to improve our community and our world. 
  • Advise on curricula to help schools and organizations learn about  and work with diverse communities. 
  • Coordinate multi-faith community experiences, such as attending ethnic niche theater performances, book clubs, museum exhibits.


Pray for Peace, Work for Change. We were honored to host a powerful organizing meeting we are with Protect MN working against gun violence. Details of next steps to come soon

You can View Photos of Interfaith Service Sunday was July 17. It was an inspiring evening where we were moved by song, inspired by prayer, strengthened by each other, and challenged to turn the violence of this time into a prophetic moment.

What is it? Our new podcast features interviews with teachers, leaders and activists who share their learning. We ask the big questions of, spirituality, politics, faith and our responsibility to make the world a better place. 

We explore holy days, we wrestle with sacred texts, and learn from each other's traditions and beliefs. We also take the time to highlight some of the great interfaith work being done around the Twin Cites.


Episode: 001 Introducing By The Rivers

An interview with Rabbi Alan Shavit-Lonstein discussing the origins and goals of our new multi-faith life cycle and leaning center.  Listen / Download RSS



Episode: 000 Teaser

A brief teaser for to our new podcast. Listen  / Download / RSS 


We have an important article published on the TC JewFolk website speaking to the power and possibilities of millennials in traditional religious institutions. You can read it here

In addition, Rabbi Shavit-Lonstein was interviewed on the podcast Not So Kosher. You can download it from iTunes or listen directly below. 

Multi-Faith Shabbat Dinner

The best way to learn is by doing. Join us to for dinner and an introduction to the Jewish celebration of Shabbat.  Our discussion focus will be how physical movement can impact our spiritual lives. 
We will also share a vegetarian potluck. 

Save the Date for future dinner on April 8

For the upcoming dinner, RSVP by March 15. There is no charge, but we ask that you bring food to share. Questions? Call (651-247-2650) or email ( 


We have an important article published on the TC JewFolk website speaking to the power and possibilities of millennials in traditional religious institutions. You can read it here

In addition, Rabbi Shavit-Lonstein was interviewed on the podcast Not So Kosher. You can download it from iTunes or listen directly below. 

  • Interfaith Study Group (Feb 25) 
  • Multi-Faith Shabbat Dinner (Feb 26)
  • Trees of Life: Intro to Jewish Mysticism (starts Feb 24)
  • Body to Soul (starts Feb 25)
  • Hidden Beneath: Exploring the Bible's Subconscious (starts April 21)
  • Yours, Mine & Ours: Interfaith Couples Workshop

Details about classes are below.

We are Featured on TCJewfolk Website

Schmooze: By the Rivers Offers a Spiritual Place for the Unaffiliated

One quote from a delightful profile: “There is a need in the Jewish community that isn’t being completely fulfilled by interacting with existing institutions,” Shavit-Lonstein says. “But it’s not just within the Jewish community; churches and mosques face this too. There are under-connected people within their own religions.” 

Read the Full Article Here >