Pray for Peace, Work for Change

Following is a letter sent Sunday July 10, 2016 to clergy from By The Rivers. Please share with your clergy as we gather together. 

Good morning all, 

Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via AP

Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via AP

As the rain washes away the smoke from last night, the Twin Cities is reeling from the killing of Philando Castile and injury of several police officers during last night’s protest on 94. By The Rivers is working to connect clergy to work together for healing and change. Our goal to take the next steps after prayer and use the power of our diverse traditions to eliminate such violence in our city. 

I would like you to join us, and ask that you invite others.

We are beginning by asking you to respond to this email, letting us know you are interested. I am working with other interfaith groups to coordinate and will let you know as soon as possible. 

Additionally, for those of you in pulpits, I am interested in what you said over the weekend during sermons / teachings. I would like to gather and share some of these words on our blog. 

With much appreciation for the work you do bringing calming light during difficult times. 


Pray for peace, work for change,

-Rabbi Alan Shavit-Lonstein